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The Lost Dutchman

Historical Musical in Two Acts


Book & Music: Richard Jennings

Lyrics: Ted Newman


Produced at Arizona Musical Theatre Institute 3rd Street Theatre in Phoenix.


It started with the Apaches and of course Coyote . Then came the Spaniards and,, the Dutchman.Our story tells the tale of those who would do anything for gold! Arizona Office of Tourism told us that, after the Grand Canyon, they get more questions from around the world about the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine than any other Arizona topic.


Developed with the help of Lyricist, Ted Newman, historian Marshall Trimble and Apache advisor (great, great grandson of Cochise) Chesley Goseyun Wilson.




Superstition Mountains, in what is now called Arizona, Apache men and women emerge singing in Apache. Coyote taunts them, angering the Chief who banishes Coyote forever. Spaniards arrive. The Apaches watch as the Spaniards, egged on" by Coyote, find of gold and worship it. More miners arrive enslaving Apaches. Swooping down, the Apaches massacre the Spaniards. Coyote hides. A young boy (Miguel Peralta) survives. The Chief lets him go. Many seasons pass. Two German prospectors, Jacob Weiser and Jacob Walz camp, sharing their hopes for fortune as Coyote watches In a Mexican cantina, the now adult Miguel Peralta is winning at cards. The wind howls. Coyote appears. The Gunslinger enters and joins the card game. Weiser & Walz arrive to have a drink. The Gunslinger is caught cheating. A fight ensues. Coyote aids the Gunfighter. Weiser & Walz intervene saving Miguel's life. Miguel's wife, Terecita, storms in angry but happy Miguel is alive. They return to the Peralta Hacienda where Miguel decides he will share the mine with his new friends. Against Terecita's wishes, Miguel takes three workers and takes Weiser & Walz to his family's mine. Coyote taunts the workers who make a plan to take the gold for themselves. Returning to the mine alone, Weiser & Walz see the three men taking gold. Coyote incites a gunfight. The workers are killed. Weiser is upset, Walz is resigned. Time passes. They mine huge amounts of gold. Weiser & Walz argue about how much gold is enough. Coyote encourages Walz. While Walz goes for supplies, Coyote torments Weiser to death. Walz returns and finds Weiser is missing and assumed dead. He cries out "It's my fault!"



Years later in Phoenix, Jacob Walz lives simply. His heart longs for peace and a sense of belonging. He meets Julia Thomas, whose German husband, Charley Thomas, leaves Julia. Jacob helps Julia and gives her gold. In the festive saloon, salesmen try to raise money to build the new Arizona Canal. The townsfolk tell them Jacob has gold. Jacob gets drunk and belligerent. He curses everyone then passes out. Julia takes him home. Jacob decides to give Julia the mine. Jacob makes a map, but then catches pneumonia. He lingers in Julia's home, warning Julia about the perils of the gold, Seeing Coyote, Jacob knows his life is about to end. After Jacob dies, the townsfolk steal his map and go to find the mine. The Apache Chief, Weiser and Walz are united in the clouds. They watch as no one finds the gold. Coyote switched the maps. The Chief embraces coyote. All is well. The legend begins.

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