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Seduction Junction

Seduction Junction

Two men,

                  Too many?


Book & Lyrics:

Richard Jennings & Pamela Winfrey

Music: Richard Jennings


The Heavy Metal Ballad Temptress

The Hipster/Funkster

The New Country Crooner


Watch these worlds collide.


The charming temptress sits at the bar waiting for her

two dates to arrive and begin their competition for.... her.


One's the city hipster. The other the good ol'country boy.


The fight is on...


Can you predict the loser? 

You never know who'll get together anymore!



Celia - 20 something female

Jake - 20 something male hipster

Curtis - 20 something country dude



A bar - the present


To be accompanied by live piano

or recording provided by composer.



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