Music for Plays

The right music can greatly enhance the theatrical experience establishing place, period, subtext, mood, pace, spectacle, foreshadowing and can even cover the noise of set changes. Most importantly, music evokes and guides emotion, deeply engaging the audience. 

Music for Plays is a “how to” article laying out the entire step by step process for a composer creating music for a play. This is the guide I wish I had when I started my career. From contracting to opening night, this is the story about how a composer listens to collaborators and brings the necessary layers of craft and creativity to each show.


This article also has value for directors, production managers and playwrights. Laying out the entire process clearly, my goal is to help theatre professionals bring the magic of music to their productions. You’re welcome to share this with anyone who’d benefit. For a copy of this article, please contact

I’d like to thank Rob Weinert-Kendt, editor-in-cheif of American Theatre Magazine, for his interest and support.

My current musical score for a play can be heard in San Francisco Shakespeare Festival’s production of Much Ado About Nothing though September 11th. Please

I’m an award-winning composer with scores for over 50 professionally produced plays (30+ Shakespeare) for theatres tiny to Tony Award-winning. My credits include original musicals, revues, operas, music for network TV, film, PBS and Disney. Please

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