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Aesop's Fables

Red Riding Hood-Lost In Fairyland

Theatre for Youth


One Acts for Children

by Richard Jennings


Here are four musical plays that enjoyed five month runs at Oaklands Childrens Fairyland, the inspiration for Disneyland.



Book: Doyle Ott

Music & Lyrics: Richard Jennings


Aesop, the storyteller, brings his classic tales alive in songand dance. All of the favorites tell their tales: The Hare and the Tortoise, Fox and Crow, The City Mouse and the Country Mouse, The Sun And The Wind, The Dog Who Lost His Toy,The Lazy Grasshopper and the Ant. A bustling bonanza, bursting with energy.



Book: Karen Block & Jill Eickmann

Lyrics and Music: Richard Jennings


Little Red Riding Hood has lost her way. With the help of many characters from other stories, Red finds her grandma as she learns about self-reliance and friendship.



(Pronounced Meh-shee-kah)

Book, Lyrics and Music: Richard Jennings


Ever wonder what the picture on the Mexican flag means? The water, cactus,eagle and serpent were revealed in a vision to the wandering Mexica people to help them find their new home. It became the Aztec Empire and modern Mexico. With traditional style Central and South American music, wise old Turtle and the acrobatic Armadillos teach Coyote a lesson about sharing as the Toltec help the Mexica find home.



Book: Doyle Ott

Music & Lyrics: Richard Jennings


The people of the Dominican Republic tell stories of this shy, mysterious tribe of people who live in the forests and watersof the island. In our retelling, a bold young Ciguapa gets curious about the human village. When she gets too close, will her tribe get discovered, or will they discover that the people of the village aren't that different after all?



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