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Portrait Of An Image Maker


a film by Suzanne  D.Johnson


Pedro Guerrero's family had the sign painting business in Mesa Arizona. After going off to art school in California, he visited Frank Lloyd Wright's Talieson compound in Scottsdale

and secured a job as photographer to the architectual giant.


We've all seen his iconic photograhs of Wright's work. He went on to create memorable photograhs capturing the essence of Alexander Calder and Louise Nevelson's lives and creations.


Filmed with the cooperation of the master, Portrait of an Image Maker is a persoanal, intimate look at some of the most iconic art and architecture pictures of the twentieth century.


The grandiosity of Wright's architectural "sculpture" led me to a big orchestral score. That lent iself well to the more playful nature of Calder's work. Pedro's description of Nevelson as the "butterfly" made it clear how to musically represent her.


Suzanne Johnson has created a beautiful film, now being aired on PBS stations around the country.



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