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Ten Minute Rock Opera

for Soprano & BariTenor


by Richard Jennings


A ten minute rock opera? You bet!


Our story has a beginning a middle with a bunch of twists before the end. Adhering to the operatic tradition of everything being sung with little dialogue, we use the songs create mood, character and develop the plot. Presenting the songs in a rock n' roll style with a blazing guitar creates grand opera.



Rhea writes in her diary that six months out of a relationship breakup, shes once again dating an odd assortment of guys. After sleeping with Dave, he's in hot pursuit. (song one: "Why?"). Jump ahead; married for a year an a half, Dave is withdrawn. Rhea asks if the marriage is failing. She reveals she is pregnant. Dave is effusive in his promises of love and worldly goods. (song two: "Promises")Rhea hears Daves phone buzzing, checking it, she finds texts and emails from a string of lovers. She demands a divorce. (song three: "YouLied!") Writing in her diary, Rhea expresses her pain, self doubt and will to move forward with her life, once again. (song four: "Once Again")



ONCE AGAIN was performed by non-Equity actors in PianoFight Productions short play competition, Short-Lived 3.0, at the Off Market Theatre in San Francisco.


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