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a film by Suzanne D. Johnson


This was the first film I composed music for with the ever so talented Suzanne Johnson.


The subject is the modernist/minimalist achitect of the desert, Al Beadle. His work is conceptual and practical. I walked through some of his buildings while preparing for this film. I found them profoundly beautiful.


Al Beadle was a gruff, opiniated man with a shock of white hair and beard. One of his builders called him  "Darth Santa".

His passion spread to music. He played jazz piano. Sort of a Brubeck kind of guy.


Suzanne chose me to compose the music for this film because I had a full, rich sounding jazzy tune on my demo. I guest she knew if I could "swing", I could create the music that would serve beadlearchitecture.


My score employs piano, bass and drums. It explores the timings and timbres of the jazz Al Beadle loved.

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